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Gift Ideas for Nine Year Old Girls

Top Gifts for 9 Yr Old Girls

Holidays and Birthdays seem to drive us to find age and gender specific gifts ideas. 9 year olds still like dressing up, but they are also maturing. These gifts ideas are meant to be for daughters, and friends on special occasions.

#1 Gift Ipod touch for young girls

#1 Ipod touch and Itunes gift card

If you're tired as I am of your little girls running down the battery on your Iphone playing angry birds, now is the time to get her an Ipod touch. The touch is better than a phone since it doesn't have the expensive monthly service fee, but it does have the great features of the Iphone. It shoots video, takes pictures, has a microphone for an IP phone (skype works on it) and it supports all the game applications and texting that kids love.

We got this for our 9 year old girl and she loves it, but it does require boundaries. She's been on it non stop, so we have limited her use. It's an outstanding gift, although still on the expensive side. If you decide to purchase this, get it from Costco for a great price and warranty.

The super cool and trendy fingerless gloves for kids


#2 A very cool gift of fingerless gloves

Fingerless gloves are cool. The San Diego Hat Company makes super stylish gloves for kids that the funky 9 year old will love. This gift shows her and her friends that you know what is cool. I only suggest this for girls that have a girly stylish side. This is very trendy stuff.

Nine year old Girls can Play basketball - Sport gifts are great for keeping them active

# 3 A Basketball Hoop and Ball

First, you may have to teach your daughters to love sports. I feed them M&Ms while pointing at the TV with a laser pointer and ask them to name players and positions. Get it right and get a treat.

9 is the age where kids really need to pick up basketball or will most likely never pick up the sport. It's so much easier to learn when your young and shooting some hoops with your daughter is a great way to spend time together and be active. For our girl, she has a pink Nike basketball. This year she needs a hoop!

#4 Nails and Lunch

i don't know that I'll ever understand this girl thing, but even at nine they like to be pampered and have a semi adult experience. Take your girl and maybe a friend to get her nails done and out to lunch. Bring her a few kids magazines and maybe some gum to chew on so she truly enjoys herself.

Even at 9, gifts that are experiences are much appreciated.

Honda 50, The Best Beginner motorcycle for girls


#5 A Dirt Bike with Training Wheels

I think everyone should learn to ride a motorcycle. If my wife would allow me to do it, my daughter would get a 50 cc or a 70 cc Honda with training wheels. Now, we live on a cul de sac and I'd let her ride it. One issue with gifts like this is that other neighborhood parents have pretty strong feelings against them and there is no doubt other kids would love to hop on it. So, use your best judgement, but I think getting kids on dirt bikes early teaches them valuable skills and it takes a ton of energy to ride one of these. It's much better to be tearing it up than watching TV.

This is really important - Tell us what's the top gift for 9 yr old girls

My Daughter is Turning Nine

Each year I think about what to get my daughter and I love to look back and see what I considered the previous years like when she was seven and eight. Probably a few of those ideas would still be good. This year, she is 9, and she's really turning into a little lady.

From eight years old to nine has been a big growth year for her. She's outgrown her bike, and finally the golf clubs I bought her for her fourth birthday are too small. Her personality and likes seem to be coming more focused. For play, she loves sports like softball, basketball and golf. For education she loves to read. She also loves to eat - my other daughters don't have nearly the passion for food that she does.

She also has new responsibilities now that she's turning nine. She's started babysitting when we go to the neighbors or for a short walk, we give her our cell phone while we are out so she can call us in an emergency. While my wife and I haven't agreed on this, I'm in favor of getting her a cell phone for her 9th birthday or Christmas.

She's also gotten her first email account this year and has been commandeering our laptops. I think it's a good idea to get kids their own computer (I get not everyone agrees with me) for email and since she loves to read, I'd rather get her an Ipad where she can surf the web, do email and read books in the Kindle application, then buy her books or a separate device for reading. So, I think an Ipad would be a killer gift for her ninth birthday.

I also love playing sports with her. Whether it's batting practice in the front yard, going to the golf range to hit a quick bucket of ball, shooting hoops outside, or playing foursquare, I think sporting goods make great gifts for girls to play with their dads. I'm leaning toward getting her an adjustable basketball hoop and having it installed for her birthday gift.


Dale on December 15, 2016:

Some surprising ideas!

Lulu on April 11, 2012:

I would never put on a site: a motorbike or a cell phone for ONLY A 9 YEAR OLD!!!!!!!!

anna on November 25, 2011:

this is great advice thanx

Andrew from Rep Boston MA on October 13, 2011:

Wow...when I was 9 I didn't have a cellphone, nor personal computer, nor brand new basketball hoop. Heck, any of those I would love now I never had those growing up. I didn't even have a cellphone till High School and that was mostly due to the fact I was going to be driving soon.


Joseph De Cross from New York on September 27, 2011:

My blessings to your daughter Paul. Have two boys myself and even though boy would be boys, girls are unique and will grow faster... Technology is going at tha path as we see it everyday. Responsibility is a great bonus on your hub. And looks like she is a good girl. Like daughter like dad.


WildIris on August 20, 2011:

I though a nine-year-old having their own computer was a bit over the top until I started sharing my laptop with my soon to be nine-year-old. My daughter likes to play interior decorating games or horse jumping--no email yet, but sharing was too much. Dear daughter has her own computer now to dress Barbie and decorate Barbie's new house to her heart's content. My vote is for the Ipad and a tennis racket with a round of tennis lessons.

MegStarr from Texas on August 20, 2011:

If she is into food and cooking why not a gift card at your local young chef acadmeny. She will have fun and learn new skills,or the netbook.

gredmondson on August 19, 2011:

What are the downsides of your daughter owning a cell phone and her own computer?

Gift ideas? How about some lessons to do something that she really enjoys? A trip to a place that has special interest for her?

Carolee Samuda from Jamaica on August 19, 2011:

Okay Paul, you have to decide! I see you want to get them all but wifey might not agree with the cell phone or the computer. I personally prefer the ipad or a netbook, but I don't have kids, so I wouldn't know.

Here is my take as a girl myself, the electronic stuff for the birthday and the sports stuff for Christmas.

DIY Backlinks on August 18, 2011:

All my kids have their own pc but it's a lot harder to keep up with what they are doing on it.

Paradise7 from Upstate New York on August 18, 2011:

Happy birthday to your girl! In our family, we had no pride--we'd tack a wish list on the refrigerator right around our birthdays! (Hint, hint.) Most of the time our parents thought what we wanted was too old for us, so I'm glad to see you are considering a more adult present for your nine-year-old, and recognize that she's outgrown a lot of kid things already. It's sort of heart-wrenching, that, isn't it?